13 Mar 2013

tea, tea and more tea

I have a drinking problem.

I had to face this fact when I photographed my latest cupcakes – there it was, in shot again, the all-too-familiar sight…

A cup of tea.

I realised that a cup of tea featured in many of my photos. Quite naturally, I should add (but not in a defensive or shameful manner), because it’s highly likely that as I was taking the pic, I was about to eat the subject — or had already started to — and a cup of tea was just the thing to go with it.

So there’s a cup of green tea with an almond croissant; my mother’s Cornish blue tea cup and saucer with the orange and almond cake (that was a good cake, wasn’t it?). The delicate girly spots (another hand me down) with the woeful berry slice. The teapot itself, with one of the crazy cosies knitted by mum, even edged in with the sticky date puddings.

And chances are, that if it’s not actually in shot, there’s a mug or cup off to the side, waiting to be drunk.

I have said before that I am not a coffee person; I am tea all the way, baby. My long-standing favourite is green tea. It is both calming and bolstering; it gets me through work until mid-afternoon, when I need something stronger to push thru the final hour or so. That’s when I might switch to earl grey in the wintertime, and the lighter, brighter lady grey in the warmer months. I also have a post-dinner peppermint tea and a square (or two) of dark chocolate (I must say, I have the most minty peppermint tea at M’s in Melbourne – she grows the best peppermint in the world, and I always leave wishing I could smuggle a root of it through Hobart airport’s quarantine to grow my own).

Here’s what I don’t do: fruit or flower teas of any description. That smoky stuff. Rooibos (which tasted like dust). Chai (shudder). Milk in tea, or sugar. Which may make me boring and unadventurous, but it also makes me the easiest person in the world to make tea for: ‘just the tea and the water, thank you’.

And, it seems, with just about everything I eat and photograph.


  1. We really are kindred spirits. I don't see any point eating anything sweet without a cup of tea to accompany it. And how many problems are there in life that can't be solved, or at least mitigated, by a cup of tea? You have to be sitting down, you inhale that wonderful fragrance, the tea works its magic, and the ten minutes it takes to drink is just long enough to regroup and face the world. I think that is probably why the British won the War..

    1. you have captured the restorative powers of tea exactly, jo! everything is better with a cup of tea.

  2. I love tea too! Black no sugar or milk, sometimes green and sometimes lemon & ginger. I like a coffee at morning tea time...that is the only time I drink coffee. Isn't it funny how we develop these habits? I love your pretty cup in the photo.

    1. oooh lemon and ginger - i think i usually resort to that when i have a cold, jane; it's very invigorating.
      yes, the cup is gorgeous; it's so delicate and such a pretty fluted shape. we only have this one, so i have to be extra careful with it.

  3. I love tea! I usually have English Breakfast tea in the morning and then switch to Green Tea the rest of the day. I'm a sucker for a little bit of milk in my tea, though, I can't help it.

    1. hello jules, welcome to dig in. i love that this post is drawing out all the tea drinkers. coffee gets all the attention lately! green tea is fab (even with milk, i'm sure1).

  4. Love this post. I am a fellow tea lover and phase through teas like you during the day and the time of year. At the moment, my favourite is black tea with rose, it reminds me of the rose bush in my parent's front garden.

    1. hey hannah! while i'm not one for floral teas, i do like how your current fave evokes your parents' garden - a wonderful thing.

  5. And thank you, glad you enjoyed.

  6. e, when it comes to tea, I totally agree.
    Hey, that kind of rhymes …
    someone please stop me

    1. hey, all poets welcome at dig in! thanks D.

  7. I´m the complete opposite, coffee all the way, but in the morning. Very rarely in the afternoon. But, lately, along with warm water and lemon juice first thing in the morning, I´m making it a habit to drink warm green or white tea during the day. It is good for my health!

    1. hey paula, i've never gotten into white tea. i love lemon juice - in tea, especially in earl grey, for a bit of brightness.

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