16 Jan 2013

photos are back!

If you are regular readers of Dig In, you would have gathered that I am pretty technically inept. The most recent drama (miniscule as it was in the grand scheme of things): I couldn't upload photos.

But the photo issue was not my fault! My wonderful friend B did some digging and found it's Blogger having tech issues. But more importantly, she found a solution (thank you B! What would I do without you?).

So I have uploaded photos to most of the affected posts, all in January this year. If you have the time, please have a look. Nigella's zucchini is, I must say, particularly mouthwatering.


  1. Hi e, glad you got your pictures back - HOW did you do it? Happening on my blog too. Also, your blog ate some comments I left, quite possibly due to my own ineptness.. who knows! I'm so glad you got to see your parents, what a great hug that must have been, and that you have a job to do for them. I know you just want to get down there and roll up your sleeves to help. Hope that happens soon.

    1. jo, shall send you the instructions B gave me for the photos. email me at dig.in@internode.on.net and i shall forward them on to you (i kept the instructions in case it happend again).
      also, re disppearing comments - let's blame blogger, not you!
      thank you :-)

  2. actually, in case this is affecting others, here is what B found:
    "The photo upload icon is not appearing for some users on Internet Explorer. We're investigating the issue and will update this post as soon as we have more information.
    In the meantime, you can workaround this issue by using a different browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) or temporarily switching to the Edit HTML mode of the compose editor."
    so when i was starting a new post (or updatign published posts) i clicked the 'HTML' button (to the right of 'compose' and went that way. hope this helps.


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