18 Oct 2012

Prep work

Advance work was needed for something I hope to make over Show weekend (Hobart show; otherwise known as a good excuse to take an extra day’s leave and enjoy a four day weekend).
So as soon as I woke up this morning, I shuffled into the kitchen and measured out 1/3 cup of juicy sweet raisins into a bowl for some boozy soaking. And then discovered I had no brandy! You’ll never get me drinking the stuff but I love sloshing it into a chocolate cake or soaking fruit for a pudding. Obviously I had been doing more sloshing and soaking than I realised. So the next best thing I decided was Tia Maria; no strict measurement, just enough to sit the raisins in a little puddle, as you can see above (then cover with cling wrap and pop into the fridge until I get back to you).

Let me tell you, inhaling the rich sticky aroma of Tia Maria at 6.40 am is one helluva way to start the day. Mm-mmm.

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