22 Oct 2012

New boots

New friends

My parents bought me a new pair of garden boots (not the Blundstone brand, but doesn't everyone call their boots 'blunnies'?). They are, as you can see, clean and unwrinkled, solid of sole and very hard. They will take months, perhaps years before they are as comfortable as old slippers, as my current ones are.

Also, being brand new and so stiff, I need to sit down to pull them on and off; no quick one-legged kick-offs. As well as effort, this requires a fair bit of time, as I discovered when I all-of-a-sudden needed to go to the loo, really quick and right now.

Did you get any presents this weekend?

Old favourites


  1. Those boots look pretty damn serious! I wouldn't mind a nice pair of blunnies actually, I live in birkenstocks as they're a little more climate appropriate here but they have zero protection for being in the garden. Although, I have fallen in love with a ludicrously expensive pair of gumboots (Hunter Boots) which have gone on my Christmas list...

  2. they look especially spunky with the red socks! i think blunnies are the gardening equivalent of an apron: donned for serious work and to protect you.
    i'm sure you would NEED hunters in Qld! a highly justifiable chrissie request!

  3. Hard to beat blunnies in the garden, I agree! Great photos.

  4. Love them! But i do like the old, wrinkled, dusty-dirty look of old blunnies!

    1. i must agree with you - blunnies must be the only shoes in a girl's wardrobe that are better once they look a little destroyed!


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