21 May 2012

Vegie garden audit

I realise I have started writing online about ‘home-grown’ when there’s not actually much growing in my vegie garden. The last couple of weekends, I had nothing to do in the patch; I desperately scratched around for some weeds to pull (the pea stray I lay as mulch about a month ago has started sprouting in the recent rains) and watered (because those recent rains are few and far between. Whoever tells you Hobart is a rainy city is lying to you).

So in lieu of actually doing any gardening, I’ll do a stocktake.

Rhubarb: limping along. Spindly, anaemic. For someone who loves rhubarb, this is an insult.

Silverbeet: better news here. Reliable, wonderful silverbeet. See previous post; my hero.

Cabbages: see previous post. Settling into their new homes nicely.

Chili plant (my first ever): it’s doing me proud. Granted, it’s also growing into a lopsided shape, but it hasn’t yet stopped putting out long, fiery-red peppers – such a spark in the garden.

Climbing beans: just about finished now, but what delicious meals they gave me over summer and the early weeks of autumn! Green beans are one of my favourite vegies. These were my first successful go at growing beans up a trellis, and they really make the garden look like a serious venture. Like I know what I’m doing. Anyway, I really should 'let go' and pull the sad vines out now

Larkspur: yes, a flower. I have a gazillion little seedlings coming up everywhere! They are a beautiful flash of cobalt blue that attracts bees to the garden, so they will stay.

Curly kale (above): an old row that isn’t doing much (it's in a dry area close to my fruit trees), but a new row planted about a month ago doing quite well.

Curly leaf parsley: planted at the same time as the kale above. No luck at all. But plenty of new larkspurs coming up.

This means that apart from the silverbeet, sadly not much on my dinner plate is from my garden at the moment.

What's growing in your garden at the moment?


  1. In our garden... weeds, and some more weeds... and a few pots of herbs and some iceberg lettuce we put in a few weeks ago. The seeds have just sprouted, here's hoping we can actually get somewhere with them.

  2. Lettuce is impressive! I'm afraid the window for salads has passed here in Hobart now. But they do look so pretty in the garden.

  3. Anonymous28 May, 2012

    Our rhubarb has taken over the garden. We keep trimming it down, forgetting about it for a couple of weeks and then BAM!!! It has taken over the garden once again.


    1. Oh, i am suprememly jealous! to have this problem! anytime you want to give away your excess rhubarb...


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