30 May 2012

Anna del Conte and why Italian food is the best

Was just looking thru my journals for a recipe and I came across this I had copied out from an Anna del Conte book (I am sorry, I did not record the book title):

Italian cooking ... is a cuisine of few surprises but of deep satisfaction, of few innovations but of innumerable variations. It is basically home cooking of great simplicity, where the only important elements are good ingredients and love.

I'm sure this is why Italian is my favourite way to cook and eat.

I am currently reading Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries (for the third time), and I just picked up from the library Tender (also by Nigel Slater) and Stephanie Alexander's weighty Kitchen Garden Companion. I'm sure I'll be inspired - to plant, cook, eat, write.

What are you reading right now?
And Italian is my favourite - what's yours?


  1. i realised afterwards i should have asked what others were reading. i need to learn to be more interactive!

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