2 Jun 2012

New whiz-bang blog feature!

Hello everyone on this dreary Hobart morning,

I've gone all fancy and installed a new interactive feature for you.

There are now tickboxes at the end of each post, so you can quickly let me know what you think. It's great for those of you too busy to leave a full comment (I know you're out there).

If you read Dig in via the sign-up email, I'd love for you to click through to Dig in itself and let me know your thoughts - either by ticking a box or leaving some words.

Thank you everyone - old friends and new - who have already been so supportive in these early weeks of Dig in.

Much love,



  1. Anonymous11 June, 2012

    This new feature is fantastic! So are so uber technical. :-) M & J xx

    1. isn't it just? though i wasn't game to give you this choice of "yucky!". and it's as technical as i get ;-)

  2. I've never seen or heard of this feature before. Where did you find it? I'm not very "technical", but I think it's a great idea. I often don't have time to comment, but wish I could "like" something, facebook style!!!

  3. i'll see if i can remember how i did it and email you, YH :-)


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